The Most Instagrammable Desserts in NYC

It’s no secret that the way food looks has a huge effect on how much we enjoy eating it. And the award for the best looking meal definitely goes to dessert. With Instagram being such an important way for dessert shops to attract new customers, we’re seeing tons of visually pleasing treats pop up all over the city. Check out some of our favorites below and add these colorful confections to your feed — and your stomach!

Taiyaki NYC (Chinatown, Williamsburg)

Named after the popular Japanese cakes, Taiyaki NYC offers traditional treats that look just as good as they taste. The signature item on the menu is a small cake shaped like a fish, filled with exotic soft-serve ice cream and beautiful garnishes.

Dana’s Bakery (Lenox Hill)

When it comes to colorful cookies, few shops can rival the dazzling array at Dana’s Bakery. The specialties here are the irresistible macarons and the unique black-and-white cookies, which contain an explosion of rainbow color on the inside.

Emack & Bolio’s (SoHo, UWS, UES)

The ice cream cones at Emack & Bolio’s are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The flavors themselves are wonderful, but the colorful toppings really put them over the top.

Sweet Moment NYC (Chinatown)

This spectacular Asian dessert house is known for its bingsoo (beautiful shaved-ice creations from Korea) and impressive “Creamart” lattes.

Bar Pa Tea (SoHo)

Bubble tea has been popular for years now, but Bar Pa Tea is reinventing this tasty treat. The vibrant concoctions served here will definitely brighten up your Instagram feed.

New Territories (Lower East Side)

This fantastic food haven was created to combine traditional Hong Kong treats with a New York twist. The most impressive options here are the egg waffles and milkshakes. Build your own or choose “The Whatever” and let the experts pick for you.

Now that you know where to go, it’s time to take your own dessert tour of the city. Fill up your stomach and your Instagram feed at these delicious destinations. Not in New York? Browse the high-end residences at Sutton Court and book an extended stay in NYC. 

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