Finding Deals and Avoiding Disasters: Holiday Shopping in NYC

New York is a fantastic place to do your holiday shopping, with its wide selection of boutiques, malls, and department stores. It can be a bit daunting to stock up on gifts, however, at a time when so many others are also checking off their friends’ and family members’ Christmas lists. Here are some tips on getting the best deals, avoiding the crowds, and otherwise navigating the NYC shops like a pro during the holiday season.

Get the Best Deals

To get the best deals, tentatively plan to go shopping after the annual Thanksgiving/holiday sales have begun. Keep in mind that not all sales start at the same time — while some retailers do wait until Black Friday to offer markdowns, others lower prices as early as mid-November. Compile a list of your favorite NYC shopping destinations and do some research to see when their past holiday sales have taken place, along with subscribing to their mailing lists for updates.

Avoid the Heavy Crowds

The secret to avoiding the heavy crowds is to shop as early in the season as possible. The closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the more likely you are to encounter hordes of other shoppers. So, as soon as your favorite retailers announce their sale dates, take advantage of that window you already slotted out for shopping. Ideally do so on a weekday, as the stores are busiest and most congested during November and December weekends.

Shop Like a Pro

Before actually embarking on your shopping excursion, prepare for the possibility that you still may encounter busy crowds and long lines. Take whatever measures you need to relax, whether this means meditating, bringing a book to read in line, or signing up for PayPal Wallet so you can skip the lines entirely. And if the prospect of crowds simply does not appeal to you at all, you can always opt to shop your favorite NYC shopping venues online, using sites and apps such as Retailmenot and Honey for extra savings.

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