How to Spend a Lazy Sunday in Manhattan

There’s nothing like a lazy Sunday, and in a city as bustling and hectic as New York, you’re going to need to set time aside for recharging your batteries. We all want to make the most of every day, but it’s important to slow things down and give our bodies a chance to recover. Sunday is the perfect day for relaxation — resting up before the start of the week ensures that you’ll be fresh for Monday and ready for the week’s hustle. Here’s our plan for the perfect lazy Sunday in Manhattan:

Step 1: Sleep in

The first step to a lazy Sunday is, of course, the lazy part. While many scientists argue that sleeping in too much on the weekends isn’t healthy, that hangover from Saturday night usually says otherwise. Try waking up an hour or two later than you do during the week, but resist the urge to stay in bed all day. After all, most sleep scientists agree that a consistent sleep cycle is the best way to go.

Step 2: Brunch

Once you’ve rested up, it’s time to fuel up. New York is a fantastic brunch city, and the options are pretty much endless. Some of our favorites are Hearth (East Village), Clinton St. Baking Company (LES), Marlow Bistro (UWS), Extra Virgin (West Village), and Locanda Verde (TriBeCa). Just make sure to go easy on the mimosas.

Step 3: Lounge in the park

As much as this is a lazy Sunday, it’s still good to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Manhattan’s parks are perfect for clearing your mind and remembering what greenery looks like. Snag a park bench, sit with a good friend or a good book, lie on the grass and listen to music, or simply stroll around. If you’re looking for an alternative to Central Park, try heading west to Riverside Park.

Step 4: Day spa

If you need any more help unwinding, a soothing session in one of Manhattan’s beautiful day spas will do the trick. There’s nothing like a massage, soak, or beauty treatment to have you feeling your best come Monday morning. We recommend the Spa at Mandarin Oriental (Columbus Circle), Haven Spa (Greenwich Village), Shibui Spa (TriBeCa), and Oasis Day Spa (Murray Hill). Of course, you can always grab a bath bomb and a candle and turn your own bathroom into a private sanctuary.

Step 5: Early Bedtime

Sunday evening is for relaxing at home, and there’s no better way to end your day. Put on a podcast or your latest TV show, read a book, or do some planning for the week ahead. And after all that quality R&R, you don’t want to ruin it — so make sure to set an early bedtime.
And there you have it: the perfect lazy Sunday in Manhattan. For the New Yorkers out there, try out some of our recommendations next weekend. If you’re not in NYC, book a stay in one of our luxe residences, where you can enjoy all this and more.

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