The Best Things to Do in Central Park

Less than a mile from our extended-stay hotel residences is iconic Central Park, spanning over 750 acres in the middle of Manhattan. As one of America’s first major landscaped public parks, Central Park has been a large part of New York history since 1853.

Venture to Central Park in your free time this summer and enjoy the warm sun, blooming flowers, and excitement happening throughout. Here are the best things to do in Central Park during your visit to New York City.

Sail Around the Pond

Head to Conservatory Water, located in front of Kerbs Boathouse, to test out your driving skills with a bit of model-boat racing. The most famous pond in Central Park is known for its model ships that glide across the water, racing other remote-controlled models across the pond. Rent a model yacht from a cart near the Boathouse and join the races happening every Saturday around 10 a.m.

Go Wild at the Zoo

Found on the east side of the park, the Central Park Zoo houses animals from tropical, temperate, and polar climates. A cornerstone of the park since 1984, the zoo’s top attractions include entertaining sea lion performances, playful penguins, and the Tisch Children’s Zoo.

Go for a Run

Use the beauty of the massive park to distract you from your workout. With 1.7 miles of walking trails, Central Park offers the ideal place to go for a run. Plus, you can stop at one of the many bodies of water throughout the park and enjoy the idyllic views.

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